Manuel solves his panic attacks in 4 sessions.
Catia overcomes a great mourning in 4 sessions.
  • Andrea
    Cosimo is a Divine Gift, a person with unique therapeutic qualities as well as being extremely professional and helpful, a guide who leads his clients through a… Read more: Andrea
  • Donatella, Rome
    I read the book “Dove il tempo non esiste“, I loved it and I was passionate about it, not only for the story itself, but also for… Read more: Donatella, Rome
  • Patricia, Turin
    With Deva Method I am learning to dialogue with that big part of myself (unconscious) and slowly to increase my field of awareness… I know myself… Cosimo… Read more: Patricia, Turin
  • Michela, Seta Nature & Wellness manager
    Deva Method… That’s right … I tried it … after a thousand other paths … and it is an immense great surprise to find oneself in the… Read more: Michela, Seta Nature & Wellness manager
  • Paola
    Unique experiential growth, a path that I recommend to all those who want to get to know better themselves and love a little more.
  • Daniela
    Having already done several jobs of personal and spiritual growth, I can say that Deva Work has led me even deeper. It led me to discover hidden… Read more: Daniela
  • Vittorio
    Hi Cosimo, I am living a beautiful moment in my life. My wife and I met again. And they are wonderful sensations. Thanks to you first and… Read more: Vittorio
  • Roberto
    Deva Method allowed me to calm my feelings of resentment and anger towards my mother, despite the fact that I lost it in May 2014. Afterwards, I… Read more: Roberto
  • Francesca, Milan
    I was impressed by the precision, the sharpness of the truth that came to light with such simplicity, a blade lowered to cut off the head of… Read more: Francesca, Milan
  • Michela
    I quit smoking and have no intention of starting again. I also managed not to get hurt with food and I did what I had never been… Read more: Michela
  • Daniele
    Then the relationship with my parents has improved, I feel more connected with myself. The things I told you have resolved.
  • Marco
    So here we are, after two weeks from the end of the four sessions all this has taken shapes, lights and colors, above all that sense of… Read more: Marco
  • Kristyna
    Even if my life seems the same: same habits, same places, same people, same reactions, inside me I feel much better, much lighter and happier. I noticed… Read more: Kristyna
  • Angela
    All this belongs to me, knowing it gives me strength, being it gives me knowledge.
  • Lucia
    I had the pleasure of meeting Cosimo a couple of years ago. He is very good, competent, serious but not serious, willing to listen. He told me… Read more: Lucia
  • Catia
    The Deva sessions for the elaboration of a mourning far away, which had not been completed, were very effective. After so many years since that event, very… Read more: Catia