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Manuel solves his panic attacks in 4 sessions.
Deva Method explained in 2 minutes.
Too often we don’t follow our intuition…
We are like drops of water in the Ocean…
The limits of science applied to humans.
Akashic records doesn’t solve karma!
About self-esteem…
Solving losses and panic with Deva Method.
WThe first TV broadcast on Deva Method.
Why we all should meditate.
Catia overcomes a great mourning in 4 sessions.
Deva Method, early menopause solved.
Integrative method tailored to many specific fields.
The danger of a spiritual by-pass.
When proof is delaying progress.
Solution is not always in past life work.
About our Higher Self.
A better meditation.
Contact your essence, free yourself from all fears!

For all my English followers:I will guide you in the African Meditation contained in my book "Dove il tempo non esiste (where time doesn't exists)" never released in English up to today.Through the setting of the world's oldest continent, it helps us to contact who you really are beyond all conditioning and beyond all fears.

Pubblicato da Cosimo Mendis Spiritual Guide su Domenica 10 maggio 2020
African Meditation (part. 1) contained in my book

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