Deva Method

… the new psychospiritual counselling…

Beyond regressions: it leads you to discover the all-knowing part within each of us.

Deva sessions include both emotional and psychospiritual counselling plus conscious psychospiritual experiences that lead you to a true understanding of the why of the events experienced or that you are experiencing, thus freeing you from any suffering that may accompany them.
They are also within reach for those who live far away: they can take place on consecutive days or weekends.

Your healthier part, your Higher Self that you may have never contacted, emerges spontaneously at the first or second session. Thus it becomes possible to evolve what in the East is called karma, dissolving the issues at their roots and giving you a stable emotional well-being.

Treatable issues are countless: from transforming suffering to discovering true resources and capacities previously inaccessible. Deva Method is the evolution of many holistic and psychological methods, the diamond tip of 35 years of research in the field of consciousness. The books about it are Windows to the Soul by Deva co-founder Rick Phillips (Deva Publishing) and my Italian Dove il tempo non esiste (In.edit Publishing).

Deva Basic Path

This path consists of 4 experiential sessions, preceded by counseling. Recommended for a cycle of transformation and resolution of many issues including panic attacks, trauma, addictions, relationships, self esteem, karma from past lives.
Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and 1/2 to which is added the final integrative counseling of 1 hour: 10 hours dedicated to you.

Deva Wide Path

This path consists of 8 experiential sessions, preceded by counseling. Recommended for those who wish fundamental transformations of conditioning and karma, for a stable well-being in life as well as to develop your not yet expressed potential. Same duration of sessions and counseling as the previous path, for a total of about 20 hours dedicated to you.

The fees for these individual paths are:
first session special rate €60, following sessions €120 each, final counseling €30 (free in the case of a couple or family where each member undergoes the sessions).
Alternatively, the hourly cost is €60.
Sessions outside these paths are €120 each and counseling.
Sessions can be done online.

Other awareness tools on my landing page.

Deva Method 1

Free talk 15 min.

Until the end of the emergency: online and phone consultations.

I practice my profession in Gran Canaria (other locations with travel refund).

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