DevaWork® unveils your light

… beyond counselling and past life regressions…

It connects you with your authentic inner spiritual energy so that you can finally manifest your full potential and joy in your life

DevaWork® unveils your light 1

Deva Method

Beyond Counselling and Past Life Regressions

Get free from karma, find yourself and evolve your soul with your personal spiritual guide to solve guilt issues, conflicts, anxiety, panic, grief, separation, depression and previous lives.

DevaWork® unveils your light 2

Deva Academy

Deva Method Professional Facilitator Training

Become a Regression and Deva Facilitator with the new method to bring out all the power of your soul for yourself and to offer the World a new solution to great emotional difficulties.

I was certified at Deva Spiritual Retreat Center (NM, USA) by Rick Phillips and Rachel Kaufman, my wonderful teachers and Deva Method founders.

My blog:
where you find articles about awareness, soul and spirituality.

My book (in Italian, also on Kindle):

meditazione africana

DevaWork® unveils your light 3

Free talk 15 min.

Until the end of the emergency: online and phone consultations.

I practice my profession in Gran Canaria (other locations with travel refund).

Video feedbacks

Manuel solves his panic attacks in 4 sessions.
Catia overcomes a great mourning in 4 sessions.

Other recent feedbacks

Media selection

The Deva Method summarized in 2 minutes.
Deva Method and past lives on prime time broadcast.

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