• Contact your essence, free yourself from fears!
    On my Facebook page you can also find the first part of the African Meditation contained in the book. contained in my book Dove […]
  • The Quiet that You Are
    Would you like to stop the incessant flow of thoughts that haunt you?Would you like to be able to rest in 15 minutes like […]
  • Flow of Life Meditation
    The flow of life meditation that takes us out of fear. It lasts about 30 minutes. Preceded by a brief introduction on some of […]
  • Shielding Guided Meditation
    I guide you in the shielding meditation that we Deva facilitators use to ask for energetic protection: it can be of great help in […]
  • Deva Academy Presentations
    Humanity is going through a moment full of suffering, aggression, separations, closings to love: those who acquire awareness of their karma of attachment to […]
  • Connect to Online Protection Meditations
    I guide you in various online protection meditations that we Deva facilitators use in some sessions to protect ourselves from aggressive energies, all with […]
  • Your Shamanic Journey
    (Dates to be defined in relation to the pandemic situation) Why participate to a shamanic journey? In his evolution, modern man has increasingly entered […]
  • “Dove il tempo non esiste”
    My book “Dove il tempo non esiste” (for now in Italian) tells about an apparently casual encounter that leads to a very intense love […]

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