Patricia, Turin

With Deva Method I am learning to dialogue with that big part of myself (unconscious) and slowly to increase my field of awareness… I know myself… Cosimo is a beautiful person with great empathy, great seriousness and professionalism, able to “travel” with the client.. A very effective method.. a few months ago I wanted to work with a part of my life of complete darkness: from 0 to 7/8 years, where I probably removed almost everything because my pain was too great .. in that session I brought to light, made aware, elaborated and made peace inside me.. nothing will change my past but putting it in the light allowed me to take care of that part of me (child) forgotten and embrace it.. I consider Deva a fast method to discover our lower unconscious, where also the traumas, the blocks and our wounds reside but also to discover our qualities and potentialities.

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