Cosimo Mendis

… spiritual counsellor trainer

Psychospiritual Counsellor Trainer & Holistic Therapist Trainer with a 30 years path of research and experiences in the unknown of the human universe

I definitely recognize myself in the description of my spiritual tarot card: the Chariot. Stillness and action combined together, to ferry other “souls”, after having integrated the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual in me. A clear path, starting from my first important decision that led me through a successful career as a driver of a Formula 3 racing car: my first “chariot”!

My education in a family of scientists and a life of continuous exploration and research in the wonderful human universe give me today another “chariot” to drive. Not less earthly then a racing car, yet more complete and useful: Deva Method, that represents the peak of my inner search.

I am the author of the autobiography & sage (in Italian) Dove il tempo non esiste (Where Time Doesn’t Exist).

My qualifications:
– Deva Work Facilitator & Trainer certified at Deva Foundation (NM, USA) by the founders Rick Phillips and Rachel Kaufman.
– Professional Holistic Counselor and Trainer.
– Certified Taoist practices Instructor.
– President (yrs 2017-20) of UNO-DBN Scientific Technical Committee (National Union of Bio-Natural Discipline Therapists).

My evolutionary path in details

It includes the following schools to integrate body, emotions, mind and our truest potential.

Professional training for Deva Facilitator & Trainer:
Deva Foundation with Rick Phillips, founder and creator of the Method.

Professional training for Holistic Counsellor:
I.S.P.I.CO. – Higher Institute for NLP, Hypnosis and Counseling.

Training in dream process techniques:
Body Mind Center, Italy.

School of meditation and energetic medicine:
Centro Reiki Il Pocciolo, Italy.

Jin Shin Do® acupressure introductory training:
Body Mind Center, Italy.

School for tantric body-mind awareness and family constellations (Body and Soul Academy, Italy)

Professional training in Taoist disciplines for psycho-physical well-being:
Qi Gong (the Taoist Yoga), Tai Chi, Meditation. Sexual Taoist Meditation with the masters B.K. Frantzis and Bernard Langan.

Professional training in Feng Shui:
Italian Academy of Feng Shui Architecture.

Other important experiences that have contributed to my knowledge of the human universe are the work on the energies of conception and prenatal trauma (Castellino Prenatal & Birth Therapy Training, California), as well as the precious hours listening to Tich Nath Han and Echkart Tolle.

Please take a look at my blog and a summary of my activities.

Present activities

Some of my public collaborations: non-profit organization G.O. For Life for Sant’Orsola General Hospital in Bologna, Tuscan 1st class resort Borgo Finocchieto and Castiglion del Bosco, T-Club Villages of HotelPlan Group, Saturnia Hot Springs.

I practice the profession for emotional help and transformation as well as for personal growth in Gran Canaria (other locations with travel refund).

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Free talk 15 min.

Until the end of the emergency: online and phone consultations.

I practice my profession in Gran Canaria (other locations with travel refund).

Dove il tempo non esiste: amore, karma, regressioni a vite precedenti - book on karmic love & past lives regressions

My didactic and autobiographical book (in Italian)

An apparently casual encounter leads to a very intense love story, but the protagonist discovers that the encounter contains a secret that comes from far away and has remained engraved in the two souls like a fire mark. An autobiographical story where I tell how a karmic love has been revealed and transformed.

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