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Your Shamanic Journey

Why participate to a shamanic journey? In his evolution, modern man has increasingly entered matter, through industrialization and technology. He no longer lives in harmony with nature, he has lost its authenticity and connection with the Other Reality. Here you will take a journey backwards, stripping yourself of everything that has been put on you (from society, culture, religion) until you remain the true essence and cross the threshold of another dimension. It is like coming home and feeling part of the whole and no longer separate.

You will receive messages, intuitions, advice, purification, healing: what your soul really needs at the moment!

With this enjoyable practice you will contact and receive important information from your animal guide spirits. First the instructions, then your fantastic journey guided by the sound of the drums. You can then share it and be helped to interpret it.

Journey time 1 hour, total work around 2 hours. No preparation required.

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