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Deva Work


The non hypnotic quick method to solve emotional conflicts, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, separations, guilt, depression and more issues: get free from karma and evolve your soul.

Deva Counseling


Start looking inside you by acquiring useful tools to bring changes in your private and public areas. Customized talks also at a distance, with a flexible approach.

I offer sessions in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Florence) and in some cases at your location with expenses refund.


Even if my life seems the same: same habits, same places, same people, same reactions, inside me I feel much better, much lighter and happier. I have noticed that I am no longer so insecure about myself as before the sessions, and I feel that everything is slowly going into place, and things are getting better for me, even a lot.

I was impressed by the precision, the sharpness of the truth coming forth with such simplicity, a knife dropped down to chop off the head of the fictions of our mind. How much we try and pull the wool over our own eyes?

Just like that… I have tried it… after a thousand other paths… and it’s a grandiose immense surprise to find ourselves in the spiritual world with the consciousness of being within the body in the physical world… the past rattle off… the future unwinds… the presents reveals itself… increasingly wider than what thought.

Ciao Cosimo, I’m living a beautiful moment in my life. My wife and I found ourselves. And they are wonderful sensations. Thanks to you first and thanks to my wife a new era of my life has begun.

I quit smoking and I have no intention to start again. I also managed not to hurt myself with food, and I did what I had never managed to do at training and at school. I have a strong desire to talk about it to help someone else feel good, it was just what I needed.

So here I am, after two weeks since the end of the four sessions all this has taken forms, lights and colors, especially the sense of wholeness and fullness I also reiterated in the integration session.

The relationship with my parents has improved, I feel more connected with myself. The issues I told you about have been solved.

Manuel heals in just 5 sessions panic attacks he had been treating for 10 years (subtitled):

Catia transforms the nostalgia for a painful loss in just 4 sessions (subtitled)):

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