Heading hidden

A path of research and actual experiences in the human unknown world


My qualifications: Deva Work Facilitator certified by Rick Phillips and Rachel Kaufman (Deva Foundation, NM, USA), Professional Holistic Counselor and Trainer, President of UNO-DBN Technical and Scientific Committee (National Union of Bio Natural Disciplines Therapists), certified Taoist practices Instructor (other details on my Linkedin profile).

I definitely recognize myself in the description of my spiritual tarot card: the Chariot. Stillness and action combined together, to ferry other “souls”, after having integrated the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual in me. A clear path, starting from my first important decision that led me through a successful career as a driver of a Formula 3 racing car: my first “chariot”!

My education in a family of scientists and a life of continuous exploration and research in the wonderful human universe give me today another “chariot” to drive. Not less earthly then a racing car, yet more complete and useful: Deva Work, that represents the peak of my inner search.

Some of my clients: Tuscan 1st class resorts, among them Borgo Finocchieto and Castiglion del Bosco, T-Club Villages of HotelPlan Group, Saturnia Hot Springs, no-profit organization G.O. For Life at Sant’Orsola General Hospital in Bologna.

I offer individually tailored paths for emotional help and transformation as well as for personal growth in Italy and abroad with proper programming and travel refund.

For Taoist practices please see my corporate website cosimomendis.com.